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Website Frequently Asked Questions


My login isn’t working. What now?
Please contact Web Support for assistance.
How do I setup a login?
Visit and hover over Sign In Or Register in the upper right hand corner. Click Register for an Account >. Once you fill out the short form, we are notified and will set you up with a username and password.
Can I limit the purchasing access for my direct reports so that I can approve what they are ordering?
Yes. Let us know whose orders you would like to approve. We will set them up as general users reporting to you, thus creating a workflow that requires all of their orders to require your approval.
How do I start purchasing online if I have never purchased from Werner Electric Supply before?
In order to purchase from us, you must have an approved Credit Application. The link to the application can be found in the footer of the website under Customer Service.
Can I receive order acknowledgments?
Once you have an account created, you will automatically begin receiving acknowledgments for orders you place online to the email address on your account.
How do I update my contact information?
Hover over Hello in the top right corner and click on Account Settings.
What type of user roles are available?
Administrator – This would typically be a senior level buyer or upper level manager that oversees all other buyers of the organization. This role can set up accounts for new employees and assign them access to certain ship-tos. They can also approve orders of any General User at their company.
Superuser – This role would work well for companies that don’t necessarily have a lot of buyers, but a handful of people who are trusted to make purchases without approval each time. The superuser could also be someone that might manage another buyer or two, and would want to approve what they are purchasing.
General User – This would be more of a junior buyer that can create orders, but would need them to be approved by either a Superuser or Administrator. This role would also work for someone that will never need to make an online purchase, but simply do product and pricing research online.
Note: All new registrants are automatically set up as a Superuser unless requested otherwise.


Can I use a Purchase Order to checkout?
Yes. Towards the end of the checkout process there will be a field for you to enter a PO number. Do you take credit card as a payment option? Yes. Towards the end of the checkout process there will be a field for you to enter your credit card information.

Do you take credit card as a payment option?
Yes. Towards the end of the checkout process there will be a field for you to enter your credit card information.
Do you add sales tax?
How late can I order online?
You can order until 7:00 p.m. CST for next day delivery. (For items in stock in Appleton)

Mobile App

Do you have a mobile app?
Yes. Our mobile app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Search for Werner Electric.

What login do I use on the mobile app?
You will use the same login for the app and the website. If you do not remember your login, please contact If you would like to be set up with a login, go to
Does the mobile app work on Apple and Android phones/tablets?
Yes. The mobile app will give you the experience of our desktop eCommerce site, just on the device of your choice.
If I build out a shopping cart or product groups on my desktop computer, will that also display in the app?
Yes. The app will mirror the website.
Can I place orders on the mobile app?
Yes, you can place orders or bids on the mobile app just like you would on the website.


What browser should I use?
The website will work best in Google Chrome, but you may also use Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.

The part I want isn’t in stock, what now?
Please contact your local Werner Electric Representative and we will get you a quote and time frame for ordering.

Do I see my company's negotiated price?
Yes. Once logged into the website you will see your specific pricing.

Can I place a quote online?
Yes. Once you have your shopping cart ready, click Request a Quote instead of Checkout.

Can I place a pickup order online?
Yes. When you first login, you will be prompted to select delivery or pickup. At any point during your shopping experience, you can adjust this selection in the upper left hand corner of your screen. You can also adjust this selection in the shopping cart when you are ready to checkout.

Do you sell to consumers?
Our site is set up for B2B use, not B2C.

Can I make changes to an order I just placed?
Contact your Werner Electric Representative and they can adjust the order for you.
Can I still place an order if the website is down for any reason?
Yes. You may still place a phone or email order with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

How often are price and availability updated?
Price and availability are loaded realtime. 

Who can purchase Rockwell Automation products from you?
Rockwell Automation products are only available for purchase to those within the approved APR. If you are within the APR, you will be able to view the Rockwell products that we offer as soon as you login. Rockwell Automation products will not be visible prior to login.

What does “In Stock” mean on the website?
The status of "In Stock" will show what we currently have available in our Regional Distribution Center (RDC) and what can be shipped to you in 1-2 days. If you'd like to see our complete selection of inventory in all branches, you can click on Check Warehouses. 

Can I purchase an item that is listed as “Custom Order”?
Yes, custom order just means that we don’t currently have any stock of that item in our warehouse. You can still buy the item and we will source it to fulfill that order.

If I notice that the product is displaying incorrect information, what should I do?
Each product page will have a “Click Here to Report Data Issues” button that will allow you to report the issue.
The Password Entered is Incorrect