Southwire wire, cable and conduit, along with Southwire tools has solutions for your construction, industrial and electrical contractor installation needs. Southwire solutions for electrical, OEM and industrial contractors include SIMpull coilPAK payoffs, SIMpull fish tapes, SIMpull Reels and SIMpull barrel cable drums for ease of installation. 

Maxis XD1 Extreme Duty Cable Puller

Eliminate the need to pull by hand with the Southwire Maxis XD1 Circuit Puller. It offers both strength under load and speed with continuous pulling power up to 600 lbs. with a peak of 1,000 lbs.

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Southwire VFD Cables

Southwire’s VFD Cables Reduce Potential Safety Risks at Your Facilities

Did you know that connecting cables directly to your motors could pose a potential risk for your factories and plants? Let’s say you have a phone line running alongside a power cable - you have likely heard a slight 60 Hz hum as a result of the cables being too close! This can be a warning sign of safety issues to come.

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Southwire Industrial Cable

Meet your industrial cable needs with medium voltage, flexible tray, VFD, VNTC, and TGGT high temp cables, from our Werner Electric Supply inventory.

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