3M understands the construction, safety and facility needs of electrical contractors and industrial manufacturing plants. Through Werner Electric Supply, 3M distributes top-of-the-line electrical products including insulation and fire barrier protective foams, wire connectors, tape, protective sealants, arc flash proofing supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

3M’s innovative wire and cable management products meet insulating, splicing, connecting, identifying and repairing needs. Tape, wire termination kits, connectors, and products which can locate, label and repair wire and cable applications are expertly designed. 3M low to medium voltage motor lead connections and kits are developed for quick, easy installation.   




Medium Voltage Cable Installation

Preparation and installation training of medium voltage cable is critical to ensuring long-term reliability and safety for terminations. In this class, you will learn the theory behind construction and types of medium voltage cable, along with the proper methods of cable preparation and installation.

Classroom Instruction (45 minutes)

  • • Review medium voltage cable construction, different types of cables and the purposes of each.
  • • Review medium voltage cable theory; how is electrical stress properly controlled within a medium voltage cable?
  • • Review termination and splice theory; how electrical stress is properly controlled by a termination and a splice, once the cable insulation and shielding has been removed to create a splice or termination.

Hands-On Instruction (1 - 1/2 hours)

  • • Using sample medium voltage cable and terminations or splices, learn to properly remove the individual voltage cable and install a termination or splice to simulate how the installation process would take place in the field.
  • • Review best practices and recommend tools that assist in correct cable preparation.
  • • Practice proper removal of the cable jacket, cable shielding, semi-conductive layers, and insulation.
  • • Learn proper installation of the ground wire and lug/connector.
  • • Proper cleaning and sanding of the cable insulation.
  • • Proper installation of the termination or splice.

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John Casper

Product Specialist - 3M