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3M understands the construction, safety and facility needs of electrical contractors and industrial manufacturing plants. Through Werner Electric Supply, 3M distributes top-of-the-line electrical products including insulation and fire barrier protective foams, wire connectors, tape, protective sealants, arc flash proofing supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

3M’s innovative wire and cable management products meet insulating, splicing, connecting, identifying and repairing needs. Tape, wire termination kits, connectors, and products which can locate, label and repair wire and cable applications are expertly designed. 3M low to medium voltage motor lead connections and kits are developed for quick, easy installation.

Tapes for Every Task | Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape

The electrical tape for everyday and moist, corrosive or tough environments. For your most demanding electrical maintenance and repair jobs and the most reliable performance and quality, turn to Scotch® Super 33+™ Tape. Its unique combination of aggressive pressure-sensitive, rubber resin adhesive and elastic PVC backing offers both moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection. Its excellent strength, flexibility, and recovery means it can stretch up to 250% without breaking!

Top Sellers

3M™ Twist-On Wire Connector

Mfr Part #: 7100019140
Werner Part #: 1441755

3M™ Standard Cable Tie

Mfr Part #: 7000058850
Werner Part #: 3921459

3M™ Flame-Retardant Wire Connector

Mfr Part #: 7000133222
Werner Part #: 446

3M™ Vinyl Electrical Tape

Mfr Part #: 7100169254
Werner Part #: 4330505

Cold Shrink Technology

3M cold shrink technology has a living seal that exerts a strong inward force on the cable, which provides excellent electrical performance and environmental sealing. 


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