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Hubbell RACO

Hubbell RACO manufactures high quality steel and nonmetallic electrical boxes, covers, commercial fittings, floor boxes and switches for electrical applications.

RACO’s featured innovations include BLOCK-LOC self-positioning masonry boxes, Grand Slam Boxes for quick, easy termination of home runs or electrical wiring, and Universal Split Insulating Bushings for installations after pulls on fittings, threaded or unthreaded Rigid/IMC, or EMT conduit.

The highly renown line of RACO STAB-iT and STAB-iT II boxes with built-in cable connectors, provide fast termination of MC into a box.

Hubbell RACO Large Capacity Boxes

RACO’s large capacity boxes for audio, video, data, power applications and life safety appliance applications provide ample space for large appliances, Cat 6A and fiber optical cable bends.

Dugout Transition Box
The Dugout Transition Box provides a quick and simple way to transition from flexible armored cable to conduit before entering a load center. Featuring STAB-iT clamps for over 3X faster installation of MC as well as concentric knockouts for connecting conduit.
Adjustable Open Center Bracket
The RACO 9020R Adjustable Open Center Bracket provides superior support for boxes between studs. Spans anywhere from 16 to 24 inches. The rigid design eliminates the need for far side supports.
Shield IT MC PCS Connector
The Shield-IT connector is the first code-compliant connector for splicing the double jacketed control/signal wires of MC-PCS cable inside electrical boxes. The revolutionary design provides the necessary insulation to protect the control circuit from the power circuit.
STAB-iT® II Boxes
STAB-iT II boxes let you install any type of MC up to 3x faster than using traditional connectors. Roomy 4-11/16” boxes include an improved connector design that locks-in 3 cables plus a knockout on the same side of the box as the connector.

Hubbell RACO Grand Slam Box

The Hubbell RACO Grand Slam MC Cable Junction Box is the quickest way to terminate home runs in commercial applications.


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+ Flush Fit Leveling Plate
+ Electrical Prefabrication

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