SMC manufactures a wide array of automation technologies for machine builders and for industrial automation applications. SMC offers a complete range of world-class actuators, valves, sensors, industrial filters, fittings, regulators, temperature control devices, and more. 

SMC pneumatic systems can meet food and beverage processing and packaging requirements including continuous 24/7 operation, stringent hygiene regulations, continual wash down, and operation in extreme temperatures.

JSY Series Ultra Compact 4 & 5 Port Directional Solenoid Valves

JSY series is a 5-port directional control valve targeted for the robotic arms and end of arm tools. It has compact and lightweight design while improving its flow characteristics.


SMC Solutions for Packaging

SMC products support efficient automation for food processing and packaging appilcations. They feature hygienic and environment resistant designs, with energy savings and safety in mind.

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