Let Littelfuse help you increase your circuit protection and efficiently control electrical power to protect your contractors and industrial employees against, power surges, short circuits and arc flash.

Werner Electric and Littelfuse partner to maximize electrical safety, energy efficiency and regulatory compliance. Littelfuse products range from POWR-GARD industrial fuses to POWR-SPEED high-speed fuses, E-rated and R-rated medium voltage fuses, and UL rated fuses. Additional accessories such as fuse blocks, fuse holders and power and ground fault relays are available through Werner Electric Supply. 

Littelfuse Everywhere, Every Day

Many of the products you use every day contain Littelfuse products. They’re an integral part of smart phones, kitchen appliances, automotive electronics, HVAC, water/wastewater, energy, transportation, and beyond.

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MROplus | Materials Reduction Opportunity Program

The Littelfuse exclusive MROplus Program has been helping customers increase plant safety while reducing costs, downtime and inventory for over 15 years. In this industrial fuse consolidation program, our Technical Support Group analyzes a fuse inventory list and generates detailed reports to ensure the best circuit protection is being used.

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