Electri-Flex liquatite®

Founded in 1955, Electri-Flex has perfected the design and manufacture of its line of nearly 50 flexible electrical conduits – a true innovator in the liquidtight conduit industry.

Making the best product doesn’t create success without sales, service and marketing programs that meet the needs of our customers. Our partners can expect outstanding service from fast shipments on in-stock items, as well as developing a conduit for unique applications. Our team of salesmen, customer service agents and application engineers can assist at every stage of the buying process.

Liquatite Conduit in Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals

Electri-Flex manufactures many varieties of flexible electrical conduits that solve design challenges, providing additional features above and beyond standard liquidtight conduit, such as; corrosion-resistance, halogen-free, EMI/RFI shielding, high/low temperature, food processing antimicrobial, lightweight, UV-resistance and more.
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Electri-Flex Liquatite Flexible Electrical Conduit by Market

Featured markets include: Data Centers, Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Oil & Gas, Rail & Transit, Ship Building & Aerospace and Wastewater Utilities.


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CSA Heavy Duty Flexible Liquatite Conduit

Video featuring line of CSA Certified “Heavy-Duty” flexible conduit, Types LA, ZHLA, CBLA, CSA and now LAFG and ATLA. These products had to pass additional testing for tension, cold flexibility, connector compatibility and crush tests to conform to C22.2 No. 56-17 Annex A “Heavy-Duty” for CSA Certification.
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Specialty Conduits Webinar

Electri-Flex manufactures a complete line of flexible electrical conduits for all markets and even offers specialty conduits for Electro Magnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) shielding, High/Low temperature applications and Halogen-Free requirements. Viewers will come away with tips on the benefits of these specialty conduits and the best applications for each type.

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The Heavy Duty Difference

Withstands greater tension force.
Superior flexibility in cold temperatures.
Stronger connector attachment.
Excellent crush strength.

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