3M understands the construction, safety and facility needs of electrical contractors and industrial manufacturing plants. Through Werner Electric Supply, 3M distributes top-of-the-line electrical products including insulation and fire barrier protective foams, wire connectors, tape, protective sealants, arc flash proofing supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

3M’s innovative wire and cable management products meet insulating, splicing, connecting, identifying and repairing needs. Tape, wire termination kits, connectors, and products which can locate, label and repair wire and cable applications are expertly designed. 3M low to medium voltage motor lead connections and kits are developed for quick, easy installation.

Solus Safety Glasses with Scotchgard Anti-Fog Technology

Tired of your safety glasses fogging up? 3M has partnered with Solus safety glasses to create a great anti-fog solution. By applying a Scotchgard coating, Solus safety glasses preserve their anti-fogging ability for up to 25 washes, even after cleaning with a bleach rinse.

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33+ Tape

Cold Shrink Technology

3M cold shrink technology has a living seal that exerts a strong inward force on the cable, which provides excellent electrical performance and environmental sealing. 

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