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Panduit’s Cable Cleat Solutions Protect You from a Short Circuit Mishap

August 10, 2020   |   2 Minute Read

With a unique design meant for easy installation, Panduit’s cable cleats provide a sense of security in the event of a short circuit, keeping the cables contained and minimizing damage. With a variety of cable cleats available, Werner Electric Supply can provide the right one for your job – thanks to our close partnership with Panduit.

The cable cleats have been subjected to a state-of-the-art testing program by Panduit’s research and development team that forces a live short circuit in order to test the product’s validity. This is a powerful piece of the manufacturing process as it helps Panduit ensure that they are selecting the perfect materials in order to provide the necessary level of safety needed for this product to succeed in the field.

With a variety of cable cleats available, you are sure to find one that would work for you. The stainless steel trefoil cable cleat is made of 316L stainless steel and protects against short circuits in extreme environments. The stainless steel buckle strap cable cleat is surrounded by a strap that is also made of the 316L steel, protecting against high short circuit fault requirements. The polymer two-hole cable cleat is designed for lower to medium faults in less harsh environments. Each option is available in multiple sizes, allowing for a great range of versatility.

To estimate what you might need for your project, try out Panduit’s Cleat kAlculator: Or talk to one of our experts, Ben LeRoy, for some guidance on how the cable cleat could be the solution you’re looking for.

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