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Why You Need to Retrofit Your Lighting with LEDs and How to Convince Your Manager to Make the Switch

September 10, 2020   |   2 Minute Read

Management buy-in is a crucial part of converting your facility’s lighting to LEDs. High-quality LED lighting tends to last longer and provide a better quality of light – making them the preferred solution by many.

Sufficient lighting is essential to the safety of your people. Poorly lit areas of your facility can pose serious safety threats on the floor. While it may be true that lighting can always be replaced when it goes out, LEDs are proven to last longer – reducing that need for frequent maintenance. To put this into perspective, a facility that remains open 24 hours a day 7 days a week will require 8,760 hours of illumination a year! The average LED luminaire can last 100,000+ hours, while standard lighting will typically last anywhere from 10,000 to 24,000 hours – meaning LEDs can last 10 years longer! LEDs are also more energy efficient, reducing energy consumption by 45%-70%.

Once you are able to convince your manager to make the switch, next you’ll need to consider the following things:

  1. Request sample fixtures
  2. Research rebates and incentives
  3. Consider the fixture’s reliability and luminaire lifespan
  4. Check color temperature options
  5. Check the power system requirements for your facility
  6. Research 1-for-1 retrofit solutions
  7. Reconsider facility obstructions
  8. Review light levels
  9. Evaluate mounting heights
  10. Assess area locations

Werner Electric Supply can offer you the LED products you need thanks to our valuable partnership with Appleton by Emerson. Contact Ben LeRoy for specific product information and guidance on next steps. We will help you retrofit your facilities with the right Appleton fixtures!

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