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Remote Operators, Arc Flash Protection

Distance is Safety. CBS ArcSafe products stand between your employees and arc flash danger.

Increase your employee safety and maintain compliance standards by investing in remote operating equipment. Remote racking and remote switching systems are your next step to safety!

Remote Switch Operators

Designed for performance and convenience, the new class of RSOs (the RSO-IAR-M18, RSO-IIID-M18, and RSO-IV-M18), are all powered by Milwaukee’s M18™ REDLITHIUM rechargeable batteries, are lighter-weight than previous models, offer a simpler interface, and feature more detailed displays and indicators.

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How to Eliminate Arc Flash Danger with a Remote Switch Actuator

Eliminate all hazardous manual contact during equipment operation and remain outside the arc-flash boundary with the CBS ArcSafe RSA-12A custom-built remote switch actuator. Remotely operate your equipment from up to 300 feet away.

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Single-Use Portable Remote Racking

Portable, standalone device designed to remotely rack a single type/style circuit breaker. inexpensive, single-application remote breaker racking systems allow the operator to use a hand-control unit to install and remove a breaker while standing up to 300 feet away.

Most commonly assisted by strong magnets, meaning that no modifications are required to your switchgear. This also allows operators to easily move from one breaker to another.

Custom built to interface with your specfic circuit breaker and is provided with a remote switch operator. A radio remote control is also available.

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Chicken Switch Remote Switch Kits (RSKs)

Chicken Switch® remote switch kits (RSKs) are designed to remotely operate (close/trip) select models of circuit breakers and motor control centers. Portable, lightweight RSK products differ from other CBS ArcSafe products by providing complete kits that include a handheld controller, batteries, control cable, and actuator all packaged in a customized Pelican® carrying case.

The Remote Switch Operator (RSO) works in conjunction with the RSA or as a stand-alone device to allow service personnel to stand outside the arc-flash boundary while operating electrical equipment.

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Extractor Remote Racking

A universal remote racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage non-rotary circuit breakers while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary.

Designed specifically for Motor Control Center (MCC) bucket removal applications where users would normally be required to perform the install or remove operation manually.

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For a CBS ArcSafe product demo contact the Werner Electric Supply MCC Team at [email protected].

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