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Network Services

A Werner Electric network audit gathers information on your environment such as device configurations, logs and hardware. After we’ve gathered your data, we analyze this information and provide insights to existing security vulnerabilities, performance deficiencies, uptime or availability problems, and identify areas to improve controls.

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Are you protected from Cybersecurity threats?

Cybersecurity attacks on local and national companies and municipalities are increasing with alarming frequency. Below we have four videos from respected industry professionals that can provide guidance and information on how to keep you and your company safe from attacks.

The State of Cybersecurity in Wisconsin and Nationally
Major General Paul E. Knapp explains the impact of persistent, ongoing cyberattacks and the role we all play in combatting these threats.
Headshot of Paul Knapp
Major General
Paul E. Knapp

Wisconsin Air
National Guard


Cybersecurity Trends and Concerns in a Manufacturing Environment

Michael Bayer shares OT Cybersecurity trends, statistics and challenges, as well as what can be done to address those challenges to make positive changes. 

Headshot of Mike Bayer

Mike Bayer
Rockwell Automation


Cybersecurity Trends and Concerns in an Information Technology Environment
Robert Hubbard presents his team’s expertise on the measurable methods for addressing cybersecurity concerns. 
Headshot of Robert Hubbard

Robert Hubbard


New Policies and Requirements for Cybersecurity Insurance
Lindsay Combs shares insights into how companies can ensure they are qualified and capable of securing the best insurance program for cybersecurity concerns. 
Headshot of Lindsay Combs

Lindsay Combs
Marsh Insurance


Standard Network Assessments

The experts at Werner Electric Supply can examine all your intelligent devices and recommend cable management, routing and labeling, switch selection, and in addition, assess physical and logical topology, and security.

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A Werner Electric network audit gathers information on your environment such as device configurations, logs and hardware. After we’ve gathered your data, we analyze this information and provide insights to existing security vulnerabilities, performance deficiencies, uptime or availability problems, and identify areas to improve controls.

A Network Audit provides:

  • In-Depth Analysis – A comprehensive view of your network’s existing state: configuration of servers, networks, storage solutions, and supporting hardware
  • Documentation – In-depth report summary integrating graphical maps
  • Security – Identification of vulnerabilities to prevent security incidents
  • Consultation – Recommendations for best operational & security practices

With expertise in both industrial plant and enterprise networks, we can provide key insights into your network infrastructure. Audit consultations, operational tests, documentation and best practices recommendations will ensure your specifications are met and your network performance is optimal.


Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS) are increasingly becoming more connected within facilities, providing valuable insights which organizations can use to efficiently schedule production and improve quality, all while reducing costs. Our experts are certified in Cisco Industrial Networking with decades of extensive experience in both enterprise and industrial networks

A Network Design provides:

  • Agile Network Design – A custom-tailored design which increases in scale with the size of your organization as you add new capabilities, but also remains easily maintainable
  • Integration – Seamless integration into your existing enterprise network for ease of operational control and data collection
  • Security – Built in security assurance to minimize risk of security incidents

Our goal is to help you reduce network outages, improve network uptime, and reduce deployment time of new hardware installations by as much as 75%. Our designs go even further by implementing best security practices within configurations to keep your business safe.

WiFi Planning

Wireless is everywhere. Deploying a wireless network with a poor design or no design at all can create multiple issues on your network. A predictive wireless design is critical for deploying a reliable, expandable and secure wireless network.

WiFi Planning can help you:

  • Determine usage, coverage & capacity requirements and constraints
  • Properly determine how many access points are needed, locations to deploy access points, and configuration of access points for optimization
  • Simulate an RF coverage map (heat map) to view predicted RF wireless coverage from proposed access points
  • Perform a pre-deployment on-site survey to verify accuracy of the predictive design and propagate it in your unique environment

WiFi Surveys

A survey is performed after a wireless network deployment or to check the health of a network. A follow up survey is critical to determine if the wireless network is performing to standards, including after upgrades and improvements to your current network systems.

Wireless Surveys will provide information on:

  • Access point location/coverage utilizing heat mapping
  • Overlap of neighboring AP’s to ensure optimal spacing/performance
  • Current bandwidth for best support of incoming & outgoing traffic
  • Detailed analysis of interference
  • Allocation of SSID & VLAN per access point
  • Security risks/vulnerabilities

Custom Cabinet Design and Build

Our Network Services team gathers your cabinetry requirements including environmental considerations, switch selection, port density, cable management, cooling, and backup power needs then uses those requirements to lay out a custom cabinet design. Once approved, the cabinet is assembled in-house and shipped directly to you as one complete unit.

You’ll receive an accurately designed network cabinet layout which utilizes industry standards and best practices to increase space-savings and can be modified for future expansion. Our custom build and design benefits include reducing your time and cost in planning, designing, and installing network cabinetry yourself.

Remote Assistance

Let us help you get back to business as usual! Our Network Solutions team is here to assist with your changing work environment and help create a seamless transition for your employees. We have options for remote connectivity no matter the size of your business.

In today’s changing landscape, remote access tools are critical in facilitating ongoing communication within your business. Werner Network Solutions has the expertise to assess your technical infrastructure and establish a remote access connection. Our experts will suggest the best remote devices and services to keep you communicating and moving forward to address and maximize your business infrastructure needs.

Industrial Services Remote Assistance Products

Remotely troubleshoot your machines without being on-site, and drastically reduce your support costs and improve machine uptime. Both the Ewon Cosy and Ewon Flexy include:
  • FREE VPN client for desktop & mobile
  • Easy commissioning without local connection
  • Security-certified global cloud infrastructure
Ewon Cosy
Industrial Remote Access IOT Router and Gateway
  • Quick setup wizard
  • Works out-of-the-box with all major PLC/HMI brands and USB enabled devices
  • Machine (PLC) can be kept operational during installation
  • Available for loan, product in stock
Ewon Flexy
Modular Industrial IOT Router and Gateway
  • All major PLC protocols for data logging and alarm notification
  • Local web-dashboard for remote monitoring
  • OPC UA server to publish data to factory systems
  • Available for loan, product in stock

Industrial Services Remote Assistance

We can help you remotely support your Automation Networks, Rockwell Controllers, Kinetix Servos, PowerFlex Drives, and PanelView and FactoryTalk applications.

  • Gain remote access to your programming terminals
  • Inspect/troubleshoot your industrial control system issues
  • Guidance/assistance for your Engineering and Maintenance teams
Remote Access For Small Businesses
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Remote access
  • Backup and recovery
  • Virtual machine monitoring
  • Threat intelligence
  • Antivirus management
  • Log-event archiving
Remote Access For Education
  • Remote access
  • Network path visualization and performance monitoring
  • Virtual machine monitoring
  • Backup and recovery
  • Log-event archiving

Modernization Readiness Assessment

Why Modernize?

The expense and risk of justifying control system upgrades is a challenge. Outdated equipment and legacy systems are costly to run. Let us help you meet the demands of modern manufacturing with a Modernization Readiness Assessment which can help you optimize your processes and equip your employees for higher performance and efficiency.

Develop a Modernization Plan

Let us help you identify your most critical equipment, your biggest risks and your migration options to make the biggest impact on your operations. We can then help you implement a plan that fits your application needs, budget and long-term goals.

First, our experts will review your installed base to address your biggest obsolescence risks. Werner Electric Supply will conduct an onsite, lifecycle analysis of your equipment and spare parts so you can clearly understand your obsolescence risk. A thorough review and summary of this information will help you prioritize your modernization needs and goals.

Manage Organic Network Growth

In order to help you manage organic network growth, the experts at Werner Electric Supply will also provide an in-depth examination of your industrial networks. We will provide a Report Summary which includes your overall network status, and a technical description of potential network issues and vulnerabilities. Also included is the potential impact on your network, mitigation steps and best practices for adding new devices.


Improve Performance, Reliability and Connectivity.



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