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Lighting Design

The lighting specialists at Werner Electric can help you design and integrate a brand new, cost effective lighting solution for your commercial, industrial, or residential lighting projects. Update an old lighting system to maximum efficiency by installing LED retrofits, implementing new lighting techniques and installing energy efficient products.

Custom Fixture Whips

Add speed and dependability when finalizing fixture whip terminations with pre-manufactured custom fixture whips. When you add-up your time and material cost, it makes economic sense to use custom value-add solutions.

Pre-Fab Light Fixtures

Pre-attached fixture whips add speed and dependability when finalizing fixture installs. Fixtures with pre-installed fixture whips will speed up your installation time and let Werner Electric help you throughout the process. 

Lighting Solutions

Werner Electric has a dedicated Lighting Project Coordination Group—your own team of experts who will be with you every step of the way, from design to project installation.

Streamline with AutoCAD Capabilities

Werner Electric’s lighting department can seamlessly and cost-effectively combine new lighting layouts with existing structural drawings using AutoCAD. We can import electronic files of your building’s layout into AutoCAD and use those plans as a template for your new lighting design.

You don’t need to track several different sets of plans and you won’t waste time and money creating extra copies. We can place your new lighting design over the top of your construction drawings without extra effort or expense on your part.

Design Services

Werner Electric Supply offers design services for your commercial, industrial, and residential lighting projects. Our highly trained lighting staff can assist you every step of the way. We will help develop a plan that implements cost-effective lighting techniques and energy efficient products. This approach will save your customers money on energy consumption.

  • Specialists knowledgeable in State Lighting Codes
  • Expertise in occupancy sensors
  • Skilled application of exit and emergency fixtures
  • Complete energy audit capabilities
  • Dedicated project coordination team
  • Quotations provided on design/builds and public bid jobs



Case Studies

+ Essity Case Study
+ Charter Manufacturing Case Study
+ Pierson Machine Shop Case Study
+ Winona Foods Case Study
+ NEW Water R2E2 Case Study
+ Green Bay Cherry Street Case Study



Project Coordination

Werner Electric Supply offers complete coordination of your lighting projects. A coordinator is assigned to your lighting project to handle the details, including:

  • Confirm P.O., Bill of Materials, and Terms and Conditions
  • Enter orders with manufacturers
  • Track and expedite orders
  • Send weekly status/expedite reports of products on order
  • Prepare shop drawings and submittals
  • Prepare O & M’s if necessary
  • Price and implement all change orders and reconcile billings
  • Coordinate replacements for damaged or defective fixtures and lamps 

We have an entire team of project coordinators to step in and assist you if your assigned coordinator is unavailable. Project documentation is accessible to the team, so any member is able to provide the information you need. We carefully track the progress of your project, and we work diligently to keep you informed of any problems or delays. When your workforce is on hand, but your materials are not, you may be wasting money. We work to make sure you don’t find yourself in that situation.

Lighting Staging Services

Internal Staging

To make your lighting project easier to manage, we can store project materials in our warehouse for release to job sites on an as-needed basis. Let us takes care of:

  • Replacement of damaged fixtures before they are needed on the job site
  • Freight claims on damaged product
  • Expediting to ensure product is available when needed
  • Packing and grouping to meet your needs as you release product
  • Delivery to your job site when you actually need the product
  • Professionally receiving materials so your electricians don’t need to become material handlers

    Staging - Material Storage

    • 1% of bid (pricing does not change)
    • Boxes labeled
    • Multiple releases
    • 3 business days release notice requested
    • Storage for up to 3 months, beyond 3 months may be subject to monthly storage fees

    Staging Plus

    • Firm price determined at time of submittal review
    • Includes standard staging
    • 5 business days release notice requested

    Facility Lighting Assessments

    Call on a Werner Electric Supply lighting expert to provide a free lighting assessment of your industrial facility, corporate offices and external lighting areas. Let us help you improve employee productivity and energy efficiency.


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