Fiix CMMS Software

Reduce Downtime by Updating Your Maintenance Technology
Plan, Track and Optimize Your Maintenance

Say goodbye to complex, expensive on-premise software. Fiix’s cloud-based CMMS connects your maintenance team to everything and everyone they need to effectively and efficiently manage maintenance on critical assets.

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets, whiteboards and hard-to-use maintenance management software. Fiix’s CMMS software is here to put an end to your maintenance headaches and empower your team.

Fiix Software Demo

In this 4 minute demo, see Fiix's CMMS in action. Learn more about how they can help you plan, track and optimize maintenance to decrease costs, skyrocket productivity, and improve asset performance.

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Create work requests with a few taps

Put an end to time-consuming, unclear, and ineffective work orders so you can get the job done faster and keep assets running at their best.

Simplify your work request process

Users and guests can submit unlimited work requests through the work request portal and easily search, sort, and track them. Design your own work request forms and prioritize requests.

Complete tasks flawlessly

Attach SOPs, task lists, photos, and a list of suggested parts to work orders so technicians can quickly access everything they need to get through their to-do list. Set up common failure codes to eliminate trial and error from troubleshooting.

Schedule maintenance that runs like clockwork

Schedule maintenance using date, time, meter, event or condition-based triggers. Simplify schedules with nested PMs and multi-asset work orders.

Track and report on everything you do

See all your work orders and everything about them in a couple of clicks, including completion rates, repair dates, total costs, follow-up tasks to failed inspections, and more.

Get an AI-generated report to find work orders that are causing problems

Analyze the performance of all your work orders in seconds and spot which ones are causing equipment failure, work delays, and compliance issues using work order insights, powered by Fiix Foresight.


Fiix vs. On-Premise Solutions

  Fiix   On-Premise Solutions
  • Low initial cost
  • Offload infrastructure support and maintenance responsibilities to 
    service provider
  • Additional costs include recurring subscription fees, and bespoke 
    training and implementation costs
  • Large upfront cost
  • Additional costs include server fees, purchasing and maintaining hardware, IT team salaries
  • Information is easily accessible via mobile app (offline) & integrations
  • Requires internet access but can be accessed remotely
  • No access to information in the field
  • Not reliant on internet access, but cannot be accessed remotely
  • Automatic, no disruption updates
  • Continuous updates (over 50+ releases a year)
  • Little to no innovation or updates
  • Updates require cost, manual lift, IT resources, and high disruption
User Adoption  High user adoption due to ease of access (i.e. mobile app & remote access)  

 Lower user adoption due to legacy system designs and limited upgrades, lack of remote access

Deployment requirements  Minimal IT set-up required    IT know-how and resources required
  • Handled by service provider
  • Audited and accredited by third parties
  • Handled by local IT team
  • Not always audited, does not necessary follow best-in-class security guidelines 
  • 99.5% uptime guaranteed (99.9% in 2020)
  • Full disaster recovery plan including data redundancy and fail-safes
  • No uptime guarantees due to reliance on IT team resources
  • Not disaster-proof
Data Storage Handled by service provider    At your local servers, prone to data loss in emergency situations
  •  Comprehensive and open integrations 
  • Easily connects to enterprise and production systems
  • High complexity, high resource integrations required, not always possible
Support  Full support teams (Customer success, implementation, support)     No teams - Support based on IT team resourcing and prioritization