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PowerFlex & Kinetix Modernization Promotion

Buy five PowerFlex or Kinetix drives and get ONE FREE!

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Promotional Details

Are you challenged with:
  • Variable frequency or servo drives attached to antiquated networks
  • Legacy technology that is unsupported and unrepairable
  • Work force that is unfamiliar and untrained on legacy technology
  • Limited capital to perform system migrations
  • Availability of spare or critical stock is non-existent
What is the PowerFlex & Kinetix Modernization Program?
  • A limited time program designed to help you modernize your variable frequency and servo drives
What is the program offering?
  • Buy 5 PowerFlex® drives and get 1 FREE (or special pricing for 200 HP and greater)
  • Buy 5 Kinetix drives (5100 & 5300) and get 1 additional drive FREE
  • 1 FREE DAY of field service engineering support for qualifying orders
  • Opportunity to add additional PowerFlex or Kinetix drives to your pricing agreement
What solutions are included in the program?
  • Migrate from previous generation drives (Allen-Bradley®, Reliance, or other brands) to the latest portfolio: PowerFlex 4M, 523, 525, 527, 753, 755, 755T AC drives, PowerFlex DC drives and ArmorStart®
  • Migrate from previous generation servo drives (Ultra or other brands) to the latest portfolio: Kinetix 5100 and Kinetix 5300
How long does the program last?
  • Orders must be placed by September 30, 2023

Additional Information
Why modernize?
  • Focus on what is happening in your environment, instead of what might happen
  • Take advantage of advanced analytics that are built into modern technology
  • Lower your risk and improve your reliability
  • Improve technical resource productivity by simplifying systems complexity
How do I get started?
  • Identify and document your previous generation VFD and servo installations
  • Contact our experts
What if I want to use this program, how might that look?
Scenario #1
Order Quantity Free
PF753 – 150 HP 1 0
PF755TS – 50 HP 4 1*
Total 5 1

*You receive one (1) free PF755TS 50 HP or lower

Scenario #2
Order Quantity Free
PF525 – 20 HP 5 1*
PF753 – 75 HP 3 0
PF753 – 60 HP 2 1**
Total 10 2

*Quantity of five (5) identical Catalog Number, you receive one (1) free PF525 20 HP or lower

**75 HP & 60 HP are treated as quantity of five (5) VFD purchase, you receive one (1) PF753 60 HP or lower

Scenario #3
Order Quantity Free
2198-E4004-ERS .4 kW 5 1*
2198-E4015-ERS 1.5 kW 2 1**
2198-E4075-ERS 7.5 kW 3 0
Total 10 2

*Quantity of five (5) identical Catalog Number, customer receives one (1) free K5100 .4KW

*1.5KW and 7.5KW are treated as quantity of five (5) purchase, customer receives one (1) K5100 1.5KW or lower

Contact Information

For more information, contact your local Werner Electric Supply representative or email our experts at: 

PowerFlex: [email protected]

Kinetix: [email protected]

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