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Micro Control System Modernization Promotion

Buy five Micro800™ programmable logic controllers and get ONE FREE!

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Promotional Details

Are you challenged with:
  • Access to information-enabled data for better decision making
  • Agility to scale standalone machines for enterprise connection
  • Reduced visibility with third-party devices, including visualization and safety
  • Ability to protect against loss of IP and potential security breaches
  • Limited capital to perform system modernization
  • Availability of spare or critical stock is non-existent
What is the Micro Control System Modernization & Conversion Program?
  • A limited time program designed to help you modernize your standalone machines with newer technology, or convert third-party micro controllers to a Rockwell Automation Scalable Control System

What is the program offering?
  • Buy five Micro800™ programmable logic controllers and get ONE FREE programmable logic controller
  • Opportunity to customize system with Micro800 expansion I/O and controller plug-in modules and add them to your pricing agreement
Which controllers are included in the program?
  • Modernize from Allen-Bradley® MicroLogix™ 1000, 1100, 1200 or 1400 controllers to Micro800 controllers: Micro820®, Micro850® or Micro870® controllers
  • Convert third-party micro controllers to Micro800 controllers: Micro820, Micro850 or Micro870 controllers
How long does the program last?
  • Orders must be placed by September 30, 2023

Additional Information
Why modernize?
  • Gain greater flexibility to scale standalone machines
  • Reduce development time, decrease time to market
  • Program, simulate, configure, and visualize with Connected Components Workbench™ software, a single, integrated environment
  • Improve user program readability
  • Connect easily to legacy and modern network protocols, such as Serial, EtherNet/IP™, DNP3, DF1
  • Simplify programming with Class 1 implicit messaging capability for Micro850® and Micro870® Lx0E controllers with PowerFlex® 520 series and Kinetix® 5100 drives
What if I want to use this program, how might that look?
Order Quantity Free
Micro870® controller 1 -
Micro850® controller 2 -
Micro820® controller 2 1*
Total 5 1

*One (1) Free additional micro controller is the lowest catalog price.

How do I get started?
  • Identify and document your current micro programmable logic controller installations or standalone machines that you are interested in automating for improved productivity
  • Contact our experts
What else do I have free access to?
  • Connected Components Workbench software with Micro800™ Simulator and familiar Logix Theme environment
  • MicroLogix™ Controller Converter Tool for easy RSLogix 500® code conversion and reuse
  • Self-serve online tutorials at and YouTube, and migration guide for convenience
  • Micro800 Wizard in Integrated Architecture® Builder for system scalability


Contact Information

For more information, contact your local Werner Electric Supply representative or email our experts at [email protected]

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