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Process Control

Our value-added solutions include using the Werner Electric Supply process trainer to help customers maneuver conceptual, technical, scope, and other project related steps for process control applications, or when considering a DCS upgrade or new installation. Our goal at Werner Electric is to help you achieve a single, plant wide control system strategy. PlantPAx is scalable and in many cases incorporates a customer’s installed Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms into a plant wide architecture without the need to purchase additional Rockwell Automation software.


MiA was designed with recommendations from the International Society of Automation (ISA), a leading global, nonprofit standards organization with more than 40,000 members worldwide. MiA is an 82"x26"x80" mobile unit that can be brought to customers, colleges, and high schools for process control training.

This process trainer can replicate many processes found in manufacturing plants, providing customers real-time training without disrupting production or causing damage to customer machines.

Process & Systems

MiA can replicate a variety of process scenarios and strategies found in a manufacturing plant, including:
  • Flow, level, pressure and temperature control
  • Cascade control and feedforward control
  • Sequence control, Clean-In-Place simulation, and batch control
  • Data collection and maintenance based evaluations
  • Alarm management


Regulating Temperature

Utilizing our innovative process control trainer MiA, watch as temperature control scenarios are simulated for process control applications.

Augmented Reality Technology

Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC augmented reality technology, lets you into the actual mechanics.

MiA Cascade Demo

The MiA journey continues!

Check out MiA's Cascade Level Control test drive.

FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™

LogixAI’s learning helps train automation to configure models to become part of their controller based automation applications.

Control Station - Process Loop Tuning Software

All too often engineers accept the status quo when tuning PID controllers due to the complexities of real-world process dynamics. Even though tuning control loops is proven to improve process performance most software tools are unable to model the noisy, oscillatory dynamics that industry practitioners face every day. By requiring users to start with a steady-state condition the fundamental value of these tools is lost.

Fortunately, LOOP-PRO TUNER makes the tuning of complex loops simple.
  • LOOP-PRO applies an intuitive 6-step process and it tunes PID loops using either live or historical process data.
  • When choosing the online option LOOP-PRO easily identifies all PIDs on a plant’s control network.
  • By selecting a controller LOOP-PRO automatically initiates the trending of data and prompts the start of your step, pulse, doublet or other dynamic test.
  • With another click a model is instantaneously generated and utilities within LOOP-PRO make it easy to adjust your model as well as to model other data segments.
  • Advance to the next step to customize the controller’s responsiveness and evaluate relevant descriptive statistics.
  • Finally, implement updated tuning parameters directly from LOOP-PRO before documenting the tuning session in a detailed report.

MiA Feed Forward Demo

The MiA Process Trainer journey continues! MiA superbly handles our Feed-Forward Control simulation. Whether utilizing a single or multiple element level control, MiA’s instrumentation brilliantly responds to Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx® programming commands.


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