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Panel Coordination

Werner Electric Supply’s panel/enclosure construction coordination services help reduce purchasing, engineering and manufacturing efforts, while maintaining cost-effective, quality panel construction.

Decreasing purchasing, engineering and manufacturing efforts reduces overhead in several ways. Your purchasing staff spends less time procuring individual materials for your panel project. The amount of area in your facility that is dedicated to panel construction is virtually eliminated. Also, your inventory and inventory management requirements are lowered.

Werner Electric’s Panel Coordination Program also provides many long term advantages. For instance, it adds the capacity for you to quickly adjust to changes in business volume. The work is done by experts who remain knowledgeable in the requirements of the industry. Finally, it ensures that your systems keep current with the changing machine control opportunities.


  • PLC/Machine Control Cabinets
  • Drive Cabinets
  • Motor Control Cabinets
  • Remote I/O Enclosures
  • Operator Stations
  • Cell Control Station
  • Disconnect Assemblies
  • Special Starter Configurations
  • Terminal Cabinets

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Purchasing effort
  • Single Purchase Order
  • Reduced panel construction area
  • Lower inventory requirements
  • Reduced capital outlay
  • Lower stress
  • Systems use latest technologies
  • True just-in-time vendor sourcing



Panel Construction Process

1. Development of the Quotation

  • Customer supplies the documentation for the project
  • Werner extracts the Bill of Materials from the customer prints
  • Werner works with several panel shops to review the project and generate a quotationof construction effort 
  • Customer supplied with a quotation on the cost of the total project and delivery schedule

2. Acquiring the Parts

  • Customer issues purchase order for the project
  • Testing program for completed panels is agreed upon    
  • Werner Electric acquires the parts required for the project
  • Parts are shipped to the selected panel shop

3. Construction of Panel/Enclosure

  • Panels are constructed to your standards
  • Panels are assembled into enclosures
  • Panels are tested by your engineer
  • Completed enclosure/panel is delivered to your site
  • Customer invoiced for all of the parts and the construction of the panel/enclosure after being shipped

Additional Services

  • Motion Control
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Drives
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Industrial Control
  • Machine Safeguarding
  • Software
  • Engraving Services 
    • Hazardous Locations
    • Outdoor
    • Machine
    • Identification 
    • Office Signage



Product Highlights

Services delivered as part of the panel coordination program:


Single Purchase Order
The entire project is started on a single PO from the customer.

Project Management 
Werner Electric tracks the project insuring that your schedule requirements are achieved.

BOM Generation 
Werner Electric extracts Bill of Materials information directly from your prints. No special effort required on your part.

Parts Purchasing 
Werner Electric orders all parts and handles any expediting that would be required.
Cost Effective Pricing
Parts are charged at your pricing levels.

Quality Construction
Werner works with the best panel builders to insure that you have a quality-constructed panel.

Volume Capabilities
Because we have relationships with several panel shops we can insure that any production capacity requirements can be satisfied.
Design Standards
All panels are built to your design and construction standards. We can work with you on documenting any special standards or requirements.

Testing of Standard Panel
All panels will have a testing program that insures that the design meets the customer’s requirements.

Direct shipping of the panel to your required location


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+ Custom Assemblies Brochure
+ Custom Assemblies Catalog
+ Custom Assemblies Flyer
+ Custom Wire Striping Flyer

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