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Fiix CMMS Software

Simplify Your Journey to Modern Asset Maintenance

Whether you're looking to organize assets and manage work, or connect to business systems and make data-driven decisions, Fiix partners with you to give you the tools to move from reactive to preventive maintenance and beyond. The Fiix CMMS helps slash downtime, cut maintenance costs and skyrocket productivity.

44% more

productive facilities

and maintenance teams

10% reduction

in production-related


27% reduction

in asset-related unplanned

downtime incidents

10% reduction

in operating


Business Benefits

Improve Asset Performance

Easily capture asset history and track parts inventory to get insight into equipment performance and reduce downtime of critical equipment.

Drive Productivity

Automatically generate maintenance work orders with a simple digital work order system and complete tasks from anywhere through a mobile app - even while offline.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Fiix's real-time dashboard and reporting tools are designed to provide you with advanced insights on work orders, inventory and key KPls.

Connect to Any Business System

Built on a completely open cloud platform, Fiix's Integration Hub makes it super easy to connect to any application and sync data and work-flows in endless ways - all in one place.

How businesses like yours are using Fiix

Fiix has helped over 3,000 maintenance teams reduce downtime, pass audits, cut inventory costs, and more. 

Software Features

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets, whiteboards, and hard-to-use maintenance management software. Fiix’s CMMS software is here to put an end to your maintenance headaches and empower your team.

Put an end to time-consuming, unclear, and ineffective work orders so you can get the job done faster and keep assets running at their best.

Users and guests can submit unlimited work requests through the work request portal and easily search, sort, and track them. Design your own work request forms and prioritize requests.

Attach SOPs, task lists, photos, and a list of suggested parts to work orders so technicians can quickly access everything they need to get through their to-do list. Set up common failure codes to eliminate trial and error from troubleshooting.

Schedule maintenance using date, time, meter, event or condition-based triggers. Simplify schedules with nested PMs and multi-asset work orders.

See all your work orders and everything about them in a couple of clicks, including completion rates, repair dates, total costs, follow-up tasks to failed inspections, and more.

Analyze the performance of all your work orders in seconds and spot which ones are causing equipment failure, work delays, and compliance issues using work order insights, powered by Fiix Foresight.


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