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Werner Electric Supply has a complete, in-house engraving facility. Our trained engraving specialists produce high quality products. A wide variety of materials & colors help us fulfill all your requests & produce logos & artwork that match your corporate identity. Receive quick turnaround with Werner Electric’s in-house engraving. Your project can be completed in as little as 3 business days when utilizing stock inventory.

AutoCAD capabilities allow us to create accurate reproductions using computer aided designs from your schematics & diagrams. Our ability to engrave seamlessly & in reverse, produces signage which is easy to clean in harsh industrial environments. A variety of engraving shapes & sizes are available up to 24” x 24” dimensions. In addition, our thermal transfer printer can produce barcode labels up to four inches wide.


  • Wide material assortment: plastic, stainless steel, wood 
  • Hundreds of color options and color combinations
  • Reverse Engraving

Corporate Promotional Pieces

  • Keychains
  • Special shapes
  • We can engrave on existing products too!

Office Applications

  • Nameplates & name tags
  • Restroom & policy signs 
  • Meeting room signs 
  • Directional signs 

Custom Applications

  • Logos & shapes that match your corporate identity
  • Custom engraving on wall plates (stainless steel & plastic)
  • Custom control panels
  • Threading diagrams


    • Legend plates
    • Thermal printed labels & barcode printing
    • Control panels
    • Machine identification
    • Allen-Bradley marker card custom labeling

      Outdoor/Heavy-Duty Applications

      • Facility signs
      • Hazardous locations
      • Stainless steel
      • Easy-to-clean reverse engraving

        Custom Plastic Plates

        All plastic is UV stable with the exception of silver and gold
        • Standard Plastic
          • Engraved from the front
        • Reverse Engraved
          • Engraved from the back
          • Seamless, easy to clean
        • Multi-Color Machine Thread Up Diagrams
        • Schematic Plates (Electrical)
          • DXF file capability
        • Operational Instruction Plates
        • Solar Panel Identification
        • Warehouse Bin, Rack, & Storage Labels
        • ATV License Plates
        • Flexilase 
          • Thin, flexible plastic - great for bar codes & cylindrical devices
        • Custom plates, tags, labels, & legends made to your specifications
        • All plastic is UV stable with the exception of gold & silver

        Complete In-House Engraving Facility

        • Staffed by experienced engraving specialists
        • Wide variety of colors & materials — plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, brass
        • Accurate reproduction of machine diagrams & schematics
        • Custom plates, tags, labels, & legends made to your specifications

        Average lead time of 4 business days



        Custom Metal Plates, Tags & Signage

        • Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass
          • Valve Tags
        • DuraBlack Laser Markable Aluminum
          • Black-coated aluminum specifically designed for harsh operating environments
        • Name Tags
        • Nameplates and Frames for Desks & Doors
        • Policy Signs (i.e. "No Smoking")
        • Facility Signs (Restroom/Directional)
        • Logos

        Custom Identification Plates

        Werner Electric Supply can provide high quality, made-to-order, custom embossed marker plates. Using the Panduit Permanent Identification System, we can help speed installation time and reduce labor costs.

        Embossing Service

        • Used on rectangular metal marker plates which are a maximum of .020 inches (.5mm) thick, and minimum .038 inches (10mm) wide
        • Excellent for applications that are exposed to dirt and paint
        • Upper case “raised” characters
        • Alphanumeric and sequential numbering

        Cable Identification

        • Legend Plates
          • Pushbuttons/selector switches/lens covers
          • Multiple manufacturer brands available
        • Operational Panel Fronts
        • MCC Identification Plates
        • Dials and Scales
        • Machine and Equipment ID Tags
        • Switch Plates
          • Stainless, nylon, and plastic
        • Pneumatic Manifold Labels
        • Arc Flash Labels
        • Marker Cards


        + Engraving Brochure
        + Custom Assemblies Brochure
        + Custom Assemblies Catalog
        + Custom Services Flyer

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