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Custom Assembly Services

Take the "labor" out of the job.

Keep your skilled workers doing what they do best. Our prefab services create one part number for easy ordering of job site pieces and parts.

Available Services

Conduit Bending

Pre-bent conduit from ½" to 4" diameter EMT, IMC, and Rigid Conduit

Complete your jobs faster with custom conduit bending. Using product from our inventory, we can custom bend ½” to 4” diameter EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduit. Delivered direct to your job site in one week.

Custom Cutting

Save time and money by letting Werner Electric cut your items. Keep your crews safe by eliminating cuts at the job site.
Download our trapeze or cut strut order forms!
Strut Cutting

Go directly from receiving your order to installation with our strut cutting service. Why pay your skilled employees to do such a tedious task? Let us do the dirty work of cutting and deburring your strut. Receive custom strut cuts in as little as two to three days.
DIN Rail Cutter

Our customized DIN rail cutter can easily cut the four most popular steel DIN rail sizes:

  • 35 x 7.5mm
  • 35 x 15mm 
  • 32mm asymmetrical DIN rails
  • 15mm DIN mini rail 
Threaded Rod Cutter

We can cut 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" mild steel and coarse threaded rod. Clean, burr-free threaded rod will allow for easy threading. Your threaded rod will be chip-free and allow for easy threading of fasteners without the need to clean the threads.
MC Cable Cutter

The MC Cable Cutter is the quickest, easiest way to cut and strip MC and other metal-clad cables. Werner Electric routinely cuts 8,000 feet of cable per day, depending on whip length. Our custom MC Cable cutting helps eliminate waste by measuring and cutting only the lengths you need. 

Custom Wire Striping

Using our vast wire inventory, we can now customize your wire runs with eleven different colors. We supply 72-hour turnaround on in-house custom striping.


  • 18-10 awg
  • XHHW
  • THHN
  • MTW
  • TFFN

Enclosure Modification

Don’t waste time making holes and cutouts manually—let Werner Electric deliver your Hoffman enclosures and back panels ready to populate. By utilizing Werner Electric’s extensive local market inventory, you can enjoy pre-modified enclosures and back panels in one to two weeks. Make manual holes and cutouts easy so you can focus on integrating and delivering control solutions to your customers.

We also modify panelboard tubs. Check out our flyer to learn more!

This machine will expedite the process of getting your electrical enclosures modified. You will be able to send a CAD or DXF file to us and we will have a totally custom enclosure ready in 1-2 weeks, shaving over an entire week off your timeline.

Werner Electric is an authorized distributor of Hoffman on Demand (HoD) products, giving you access to our guaranteed stock of 305 key Hoffman products, including wall- and floor-mount enclosures, junction boxes, push button enclosures and thermal management products.

Our customer QComp has gained efficiency using Werner Electric's Hoffman Enclosure Modification Program.

From their location in De Pere, WI, LMG designs and builds presses for a wide variety of unique equipment.

Industrial/OEM Services

  • Breaker Modifications
  • Control Panel and DIN Rail Assemblies
  • Custom Engraving
  • Ladder and Basket Cable Tray Cutting
  • Light Fixture Wiring
  • Pushbutton/Pushbutton Station Assemblies
  • Quick Disconnect Sensor Cables
  • Servo Cable Modifications
  • Stacklight Assemblies
  • VFD Termination Kit Installation
  • Zone Enclosure Assemblies


When you add up your time and material costs it makes economic sense to use prefabricated, custom kitting solutions from Werner Electric. We can kit anything!

Let us reduce your fulfillment costs by preassembling electrical components into kitted units. We can create custom kits containing exactly the components you need. Each kitted assembly is assigned a unique SKU for easy management and inventory tracking. For convenience and simplified order entry, your purchase order will only require a single part number per assembled kit.


LightningPull is up to 5 ½ times faster than manual wire and cable pulls. Our LightningPull service bundles and binds together various types of wire and cable into one compact, flexible, multi-conductor cable. Your custom LightningPull can include color-coded or numbered copper and electronic conductors. Get faster installation and easier identification with every run.

  • Multiple-type, custom-bundled cables on a single spool
  • Pre-made pulling heads
  • Significant labor savings – one single, fast cable pull
  • Simplified material management and material waste on the job
  • Quick turnaround

Download our LightningPull order form!

LightningPull™ vs. Conventional Wire Pull

Watch the incredible time savings you’ll get with LightningPull™ custom services as compared to time-consuming manual wire and cable pulls.

 Metal Box Assemblies

Significant time and labor savings for contractors! Let us custom assemble your metal boxes with the mud rings, pigtails and accessories you need for quick installation.

  • Metal box assemblies
  • Uni-mount mud rings
  • STAB-iT box assemblies
  • Mason box stubs
  • Large capacity boxes for data
  • Ceiling boxes with pigtails
  • Conduit bends/data drops

Download our flyer for more information!   

 Pigtail Devices

Learn how Werner Electric Custom Assemblies & Services can save you labor, time and money on the job! All customization is done in-house and can be delivered right to your job site! Our experts will customize your assemblies in-house, reducing your labor costs and making installation a breeze.
Download our pigtail devices order form!

Custom Pigtail Devices

Let Werner Electric assemble and stock custom pigtail devices with 7” solid or stranded wire and deliver right to your job site.

 Pipe Threading

If you need Rigid or IMC conduit cut to custom lengths and threaded, we can do that for you! We have the capability to custom thread conduit from ½” to 4” in diameter and have it ready for your installation.
Download our pipe threading order form!

 Pneumatic Assemblies

Werner Electric can configure pneumatic components in an endless variety of ways, ready for installation right out of the box. We can handle all your custom SMC assemblies and we are the only distributor in the region capable of testing these components before they leave our warehouse.
Contact Darren McIvor to talk about your specific application needs!

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 Prefab Cord Drops

With Werner Electric customized cord drops you can order the exact length of SOOW cord you need and receive it ready to install. Our assembly team will cut, strip and terminate any devices you need including twist lock plugs, straight blade plugs, outlet boxes and more. We can also install cord grips or strain reliefs so your installation takes a fraction of the time you would need to do it yourself.

 Prefab Light Fixtures

Custom, prefabricated connectors on light fixtures make job site installation a breeze. Preassembled fixture whips attach or snap directly into the light fixture housing and no tools are required for installation. Let us prefab and stage your entire building of fixtures and then expedite release to your job site when and where you need them!

 Wire Processing

Increase your production with the help of our wire processing machines, which will save you time and money by having your cables ready for installation.

Watch the videos below to learn about the options available, including:
  • Programmable Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine
  • Rotary Jacket Stripper
  • Pneumatic Crimp Press
  • Reel-fed Crimping Press
All customization is done in-house and can be delivered right to your facility!

Programmable Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

  • Cuts to length and strips from AWG 24-2, (.22 - 35mm2 cables)
  • Cuts and strips simultaneously

Rotary Jacket Stripper

  • Processes a broad range of conductors (single, multi-conductor, solar, PVC, data, LAN)
  • Ideal for highly diverse products

Pneumatic Crimp Press

  • Accommodates wide variety of hand crimping tools for multiple crimping options
  • Ensures consistent crimp quality

Reel-fed Crimping Press

  • High-speed processing of reel-fed connectors and terminals


+ Custom Assemblies Brochure
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+ Custom Assemblies Catalog
+ Custom Assemblies Wire Processing Flyer
+ Custom Services Flyer
+ Custom Wire Striping Flyer
+ Panelboard Tub Cutout Flyer

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