Lighting Design

Werner Electric Supply offers Design services for all of your commercial and industrial lighting projects. Our highly trained lighting staff can assist you at every step of your lighting project.

Werner’s lighting specialist will visit your site during the planning stages of your lighting project to find out more about your needs. From this visit, recommendations will be made as to how your needs can be met. If you’re updating an old lighting system, our specialist will take light output readings to ensure your new light levels are appropriate for your location. For new projects, correct light levels are an inherent part of the design. AutoCAD drawings of the building or outdoor area can be used as the basis for the new lighting project. The new lighting drawings can simply be added to the buildings set of blueprints.

After your consultation, Werner Electric’s lighting department will create a lighting layout that implements cost-effective lighting techniques and energy efficient products. These products will save you money that would usually go to utility companies. From this layout our quotations department will produce a project quotation that you can compare with your budget numbers.

Throughout your lighting project, our staff is in constant communication with you to make sure you are satisfied with the final solution. It is part of our commitment to quality service for all of your lighting needs.

AutoCAD Capabilities

Werner’s Lighting Department can seamlessly and cost-effectively combine new lighting layouts with existing structural drawings using AutoCAD. We can take electronic files of your building’s layouts, import them into the AutoCAD software and create your new lighting layout using these plans as the template. As a result you don’t have to waste time and money making extra copies. In the same way, we can take the plans of new construction and place your lighting layout over the top of these drawings without extra effort on your part.

Other Werner Lighting Capabilities

Knowledgeable in the State Lighting Codes

We can fill out the appropriate paperwork and get it stamped

Application of occupancy sensors

We can also troubleshoot related problems

Application of exit and emergency fixtures

Complete energy audits

We can report the savings you could realize from energy-efficient systems and the return on your investment

Project Coordination Group

This group can maintain a project from the initial order through the completion of the project. They handle all phases of the project and helps solve any problems that may arise.

Quotation Group

Quotes design/builds and all public bid jobs

Lighting Features
  • On-site consultations to find out what you need
  • Energy Audits to ensure you’re getting the most for your money
  • Lighting layouts (using AutoCAD) provide seamless integration into existing plans
  • Project quotes for layouts we have created, or for existing designs