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Searching for Products & Using Filters


The search bar is located right at the top of the navigation bar.


When you click on the magnifying glass, the search will take over your screen. You will notice that your search history is available. You may clear this at any point in time by clicking “Clear Search History.


As you start typing, the search will try to pull up things you may be searching for. In this example, I typed “conduit” into the search bar, and I am immediately given product options that contain the word “conduit,” as well as categories, brands or content that may contain the word “conduit.”


If one of the products that populates in your search overlay is the one you are looking for, you may edit the quantity and “Add To Cart” right from that screen. Please note that the quantities are already pre-populated with the minimum quantity required.


If none of the items from the search overlay were what you were looking for, simply press the Enter button on your keyboard OR click “Search” once you have finishing typing in your search criteria.


At the top of your results page, you can sort your results, update the number of results on the page, switch to the next page of results, or change the way in which the results display (list vs grid view).


With a broad search like “conduit,” you will get quite a few products returned. Along the left-hand side of your screen, you will notice some filters that can be used to narrow it down.

a. This will show you how many products within your search results belong to which categories. You can click on one of those categories if you think your product might under one of them.

b. Listed below you will see another Search bar. This will allow you to conduct another search within the search results you have already returned.

c. You can narrow by Brand.

d. You can also filter by Previously Purchased. Checking this box will narrow the search down to any items that you have purchased from us before. These items will be flagged with a small blue icon that says “<”.

e. You can filter by stocked items. Please note that these are items that we regularly stock. There may occasionally be items within this filter that are currently “Out of Stock” as that particular item may have just run out of inventory – with new inventory coming soon.

f. There are then listed a variety of different product attributes that you can utilize to narrow down your search. The attributes available will vary based upon what you are searching for, but in this example of conduit, we are given things like: Amps, Material and Depth (etc).

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