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Creating & Utilizing Product Lists


Product Lists can be created in a variety of ways. These are great if you frequently purchase the same items, prefer to save shopping lists for later purchases, or simply want to customize your account in order to reduce searching time. When you are looking at products on the site, you will notice a button on each product that says “+Product List”.

Search Results Page

Product Display Page


When you click that button, you will get a pop-up like the one shown below, asking you to either select an existing product group to add to, OR create a new product list. Then click the “Add to Product List” button when you are ready.


To access your product lists, you can select the Product Lists widget from your homepage. 

OR "My Lists" from the "My Account" dropdown


You will now see all of your product lists. From here, you can add an entire list to your cart or delete an entire list.


If you click on the title of the list, you will be able to open it up and view all of the items within the list. You can delete individual items from the list if they are no longer necessary. You may also add individual items from your list to your cart without adding the entire list at once. You may also update product quantities before deleting or adding items to your cart by changing the number in the box located directly above the “Add to Cart” button.


You can also export your product list into a spreadsheet. Refer to Website Guide: Exporting Product Information for detailed directions on exporting.

Tips & Tricks for Utilizing Your Product Lists

Add additional items to your product list right from the product list page by clicking the “Add Items” button. You will be able to search by keyword or item # and add to your list right from here:

Lists can now be shared with others. You can see this right on the main product list page where all of your lists are shown.

In order to change the share settings on one of your lists, you will need to click into the list that you would like to share. Click the “Share” button in the top right corner.

You will then get a pop-up asking if you would like to simply “Send a copy” or “Allow others to view or edit this list.” Sending a copy will allow you to email a copy of your list to someone. You can type in their email address and add a brief message, and a copy of your list will be emailed to that person.

In order to allow other web users at your company to view and edit the list from their accounts, you will need to select “Allow others to view or edit this list.”

Next, you will need to decide if you would like to share with certain individual(s), or all web users at your company. You will then need to decide if you would like them to be able to edit the list, or ONLY be able to view it.

If you build a product list of items you frequently purchase, you can schedule an email reminder to reorder that list.

You can set how often you would like the email reminder, the preferred day of the week, a start and end date for the reminder, and a brief message.

You can add notes to the various items in your product list by clicking “+Add Note”. This can be useful for those that share lists with other users. You could add a note on a particular item to allow these other users to see the importance of that item. These notes will not display anywhere other than within the product list.

If you have a large product list, you can search for products within the list.

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