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Order History & Invoices

Order History


To access your order history, you will click on the “Order History” widget located on your homepage once you are logged in. 

OR, you can hover over the area in the top right corner that says “Hello” followed by your name.


When you open the order history page, this is what it will look like:


When you expand the “Search Orders +” you will be able to enter various criteria for narrowing down your search. Please be aware that the order history page encompasses all order history from your company – both web and non-web orders. 

TIP: When searching for an order within the order history that contains a certain product, allow some time for the search bar to load. It will try to pull up the exact part you might be looking for:

Invoice History


You can access invoice history from the “My Account” area. 


When you open the invoice history page, this is what it will look like: 


When you expand “Search Invoices +” you will be able to enter various criteria for narrowing down your search, like invoices tied to one specific ship to, invoice numbers, PO numbers, or order numbers. You can even sort by “open invoices only.”


In order to pay your bills online, you will need to go to the Billtrust website. You cannot make payments directly on our website. You can click on the Billtrust logo next to each invoice to open up that specific order in your account – or click the Billtrust logo at the top of the page to view all orders in your account. This will take you directly to your Billtrust account and you will already be logged in.


Once inside the billtrust portal you have a few options.
  1. Pay invoices online securely
  2. Manage and access invoices 24/7
  3. Download and/or print copies of invoices
  4. Download into your own Accounting software


See below for a screenshot of the billtrust page. On this page you will see a pdf icon next to each of your invoices. If you click that icon, it will open up a pdf of the invoice where you can then download or print a copy for your records.


Billtrust is a safe and convenient way to pay your outstanding bills online. While in the billtrust portal, select any invoices you would like to pay and then press Pay Bills.

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