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My Account


If you hover over the area in the top right corner where it says “Hello,” you will see an overlay pop-up.

a. Under “Profile Information” you will be able to view the contact information for both the inside and outside reps on your account.

b. Under "Product & Order Management" you will have quick access to:
  • My Account – this will take you to another account dashboard with additional “My Account” options 
  • Account Settings – you will be able to change your password on this page
  • Addresses – you can view your billing and shipping information, and change your ship to selection
  • My Saved Payments – credit cards you have saved to your web login will be visible here
  • Saved Orders – shopping carts you have saved for ordering later are located here
  • Invoice History – you will be able to view and pay all invoices
  • Order History – your company’s order history will be accessible here
  • My Quotes – outstanding quotes you currently have open will live here
  • My Lists – here you will find all of the product lists you have created
  • Previously Purchased – this will show you a list of products that your company has purchased from Werner Electric Supply before


If you click “My Account” from the overlay dropdown, you will be brought to your account dashboard. Right away at the top, you can select to make your dashboard your homepage.


As you start typing, the search will try to pull up things you may be searching for. In this example, I typed “conduit” into the search bar, and I am immediately given product options that contain the word “conduit,” as well as categories, brands or content that may contain the word “conduit.”

a. Along the left-hand side, you will have the same menu options that the overlay pop-up provides.

b. You will also have the same widgets across the screen that you see on your homepage (My Quotes, Order History, Product Lists, Saved Carts)

c. Below that, along the left-hand side, you will see the titles of your product lists for quick access, as well as contact information for both your Inside and Outside sales reps.

d. You will also have a Quick Order widget on your Account Dashboard where you can easily search for items and add them to your cart. For detailed information on using Quick Order, please view Website Guide: Quick Order & Bulk Ordering.

e. You can also view your Recent Invoices (the same information viewable on the Invoice History page)

f. Below Recent Invoices, you will also be able to view Recent Orders and Recent Quotes (the same information viewable on the Order History and My Quotes pages)

+ Logging In & User Roles
+ Searching for Products & Using Filters
+ Exporting Product Information
+ Quick Order & Bulk Ordering
+ Requesting a Quote
+ Submitting a Return
+ Creating & Utilizing Saved Carts
+ Order History & Invoices
+ Creating & Utilizing Product Lists
+ Password Reset & Update