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Exporting Product Information


Exporting a list of products can be done in a variety of ways, however it is capped at 500 products in one export.

To export from a Product List, first locate the list that you have built by either clicking on the “Product Lists” widget of your homepage, OR selecting “My Lists” in the “My Account” area.

Note: If you would like to set up a specific list of products to export, you may do so by first building a Product List. Directions can be found in Website Guide: Creating and Utilizing Product Lists


You will then select the list you would like to export.


The steps for exporting remain the same throughout the site. Click “Export Product List,” and make sure you have the correct email address filled out in the pop-up. Then wait to receive the list in your email. 


Shortly after you click the “OK” button, you will receive an email with an attachment containing the list that you exported. Depending on how many items you are exporting, the email may take a little longer to arrive in your inbox. The export will come in as an excel file and will contain the following:

a. UPC Code
b. Werner Part Number
c. Manufacturer Name
d. Manufacturer Part Number
e. Product Description
f. Customer Part Number (should you have any)
g. Unit of Measure
h. Your Price
i. Current RDC Stock Level


You could also export a list of items you have purchased in the past by clicking on “Previously Purchased” in the “My Account” area.


This page will show any items that you have purchased from us before. You have the ability to filter the list down by a variety of attributes – or export the entire list. Again, this can be done by clicking the “Export Product List” button, entering your email address in the pop-up, and waiting for the export to arrive in your inbox.


You could also export a list of search results by clicking “Export Product List” in the right-hand corner.

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