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Wire & Conduit

Lightning Pull

This can include color-coded or numbered copper and electronic conductors. Lightning Pulls provides faster installations and easier identification with every run. Cost savings can increase by up to 30 percent. Lightning Pulls are up to 5 ½ times faster than manual wire and cable pulls. Get faster installation and easier identification with every run. Our Lightning Pull has the ability to custom-bundled cables on a single spool. Using Lightning pull solutions will help simplify material management and decrease waste on the jobsite.

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Custom Wire Striping Services

Using our vast wire inventory, and in-house striping capabilities we can quickly customize your wire runs with eleven different colors and deliver right to your job site.

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Conduit Bending

Pre-bent conduit from ½" to 4" diameter EMT, IMC, and Rigid Conduit

Save money and complete jobs more quickly with custom conduit bending from Werner Electric. We can pre-bend conduit up to 4" diameter EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduit. Using product from our inventory, we can pre-bend conduit and deliver it to your jobsite in 2-3 days.

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Pipe Threading

If you need Rigid or IMC conduit cut to custom lengths and threaded, we can do that for you! We have the capability to custom thread conduit from ½” to 4” in diameter and have it ready for your installation.

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