What is MiA?

MiA was designed by Rodney Howard P.E., CAP, product manager of process controls for Werner Electric Supply, with design recommendations from the International Society of Automation (ISA), a leading global, nonprofit standards organization with more than 40,000 members worldwide. MiA is an 82"x26"x80" mobile unit that can be brought to customers, colleges, and high schools for automation process control training.

How Does MiA Work?

MiA can replicate many processes found in manufacturing plants, providing customers real-time training without disrupting production or causing damage to customer machines.


Rodney Howard - P.E., is registered in the State of Wisconsin – Control System Engineer, and is also a Certified Automation Professional (CAP), credentialed through the International Society of Automation (ISA).


Werner Electric Supply will use MiA for a variety of training opportunities, including:

Deep Dive Sessions

Customers are trained in the fundamentals of automation process control and taught how to set up instrumentation and develop supporting control logic.

Process Training

MiA is used as a simulated skid in a manufacturing facility to show employees how to extract and utilize relevant company data.

Alarm Management

ISA can provide training at Werner Electric Supply’s Appleton location, teaching the fundamentals of the ISA 18.2 Alarm Management standard.

Single Day Classes

MiA can be transported to customers’ locations for a day of customized on-site training


MiA can replicate a variety of process scenarios and strategies found in a manufacturing plant, including:

• Flow, level, pressure and temperature control

• Cascade control and feedforward control

• Sequence control, Clean-In-Place simulation, and batch control

• Data collection and maintenance based evaluations

• Alarm management


A large portion of the instrumentation contained within MiA was donated by Werner Electric Supply vendors:

Rockwell Automation
PlantPAx Distributed Control System
Industrial components
Motor control

Guided wave level
Mag flow meter

Arjay Automation
Yokogawa Corporation of America 
Coriolis, mag flow meters, pressure, data & analytical instrumentation

REOTEMP – RTD temperature element
Micro Motion
Coriolis flow meter
Badger Meter
Blancett turbine flow meter
RCV valve
eWon Flexy 205
Anybus wireless Bolt
Durable Controls
Klay – pressure instrumentation
Bray – valves

Point protocol converter
Enclosure and cutouts
SYSPEND 281-MAX system
Endress Hauser
RTD temperature elements
EX260-SEN1 valve manifold system and components
Grace Engineering


Rodney Howard - P.E., CAP

Product Manager - Process Controls



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