Hubbell Wiring

Hubbell Wiring supplies top-of-the-line electrical products including receptacles and switches, plugs and connectors, grips and cord connectors, and floor boxes and poke-throughs. Industrial, commercial, utility and residential Hubbell Wiring solutions create instant access to power, data, voice and multimedia. Featured products available through Werner Electric include CIRCUIT-LOCK® manual motor controllers and disconnects, InSIGHT™ data monitoring, inREACH industrial and weatherproof industrial cord reels and 15A and 20A countertop pop-up receptacles.

Wiring Device-Kellems: Twist-Lock® Edge Series

To improve installation time by more than 80% on electrical projects, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has designed the new Twist-Lock® Edge Series Receptacle featuring screwless termination. It’s the market’s fastest-terminating receptacle, letting installers get more done in less time.

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Hubbell Wiring

If You’ve Never Experienced A Hubbell eTour, Now’s The Time!

eTours, or electronic journeys, are educational tools which can help you analyze, design and implement the Hubbell products you need. Not only can eTours help you to better understand the context in which a product is used, they can show you some innovative applications.

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Wiring Device-Kellems: inSIGHT™ Motor Disconnect with LEDs

Hubbell’s new inSIGHT motor disconnect with LEDs redefines the benchmark for safety by providing insight into the enclosure while in use. Six highly visible LEDs communicate the electrical status of the switch by phase. This voltage detection feature significantly improves existing safety and maintenance procedures by visually providing personnel critical information prior to removing the enclosure cover.

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