Eaton B-Line

Eaton’s B-Line electrical, mechanical and datacom products provide commercial, industrial and contractor solutions. B-Line’s extensive series of support systems can support, protect, and connect electrical, mechanical and communication subsystems.

Eaton B-Line’s runway and cable tray management solutions include KwikSplice cable tray, Flextray wire basket tray and Redi-rail runway for data runs. B-Line also provides accessories including strut mounting brackets, hanging systems, fasteners, fittings and beam clamps along with innovative conduit trapeze supports and cable ladder systems.

Let B-Line products help you install more quickly, require fewer tools and reduce the amount of materials you need.

Conduit Trapeze Support In New Z-shaped Design

Learn how B-Line’s new versatile Z-shaped design supports multiple sizes and types of conduit, MC/AC cable, cable tray and more. Save up to 50% on installation time compared to traditional strut trapeze.

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Eaton's B-Line series KwikWire Hanging system

Eaton's B-Line series Kwikwire hanging system is ideal for a wide variety of hanging applications.

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