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Southwire’s VFD Cables Reduce Potential Safety Risks at Your Facilities

November 21, 2020   |   2 Minute Read

Werner Electric Supply works closely with brands like Southwire to ensure the level of post-sale support matches the high quality of the products. Southwire manufactures a variety wire and cable products, and even some tools! But today, let’s jump into the world of VFD cables.

Did you know that connecting cables directly to your motors could pose a potential risk for your factories and plants? Let’s say you have a phone line running alongside a power cable - you have likely heard a slight 60 Hz hum as a result of the cables being too close! This can be a warning sign of safety issues to come.

VFD stands for “variable frequency drives.” Using a VFD cable will take that 60 Hz hum and reduce maintenance costs by conserving the energy wasted from non-shielded cables. VFD cables do tend to create higher frequency waveforms. With frequencies of up to 30 MHz, energizing these cables can produce some noise called Electro-Magnetic Interference, or EMI. If you have sensitive pieces of electronic equipment located too closely to EMI that’s being produced, those electronics might experience issues simply from the energy output.

VFD cables tend to be safer than a non-shielded cable. While the VFDs can emit EMI, the shield of the cable acts like a barrier for the conductors.

If you’re not sure what type of cabling might work the best for your project, please contact Werner Electric’s own Wire & Cable Product Specialist, Jeremy Sell. With a commitment to serving our customers, our product specialists are prepared to provide you with the support you need to complete your project.

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