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Southwire Tool Must-Haves for Your Toolkit

September 29, 2020   |   4 Minute Read

Electricians need high-quality, reliable tools in order to safely and efficiently do their job. Whether you are an apprentice new to the field, or a master electrician with 20 years of experience under your tool belt – your tools are important! You want to be able to deliver the best service possible. Regardless of your skill level, your tools play an essential role in your day-to-day work.

1. Screwdriver – A screwdriver with interchangeable heads gives you the ability to change up the tool to fit your needs. Heading into a job, you might not know exactly what head will be necessary. A multi-tool like this will save space in your tool kit, and allow you to get the job done faster. No need to hold on to multiple screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes.(link the following part #s: SD9N1, SD12N1)

2. Cable or Wire Stripper – These are best used for removing the insulation around a wire. These are a necessary piece of equipment for any electrician as they often allow the conductor to be terminated or spliced. Some strippers can be utilized with a large variety of wire sizes, while some of these tools are specially designed for specific sizes of wire.(link the following part #s: 58278501, 58277901, 58278101, 58278001)

3. Cable or Wire Cutters – Like the name says, these are simply used for cutting wire! Sometimes you can even purchase a wire stripper and cutter all in one. Multi-use tools are key when trying to lighten the load you take with you from job to job. (link the following part #s: 58278001, 58278101)

4. Pliers – Another essential piece of equipment for any electrician, the pliers can help you reach, bend, grab and loop a piece of wire. They can help you keep a firm grip on the wire while you are potentially working in some inconvenient locations. There are even some multi-tool options for pliers to help you save space. (link the following part #s: 58993901, 58992601)

5. Wire Crimper – These are often used to affix a connector to the end of a cable. These look fairly similar to a pair of pliers, but they join two pieces of metal together by deforming an end of one of the pieces of wire – allowing for them to connect to one another.(link the following part #s: 589936, 591585, 582899, 587431)

For more information on any of the products listed above, or to hear more about Southwire Hand Tools, contact Ben LeRoy with Werner Electric Supply. Ben is well-versed on the products and can help to ensure that you are making the right purchase!
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