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Cooper Lighting Solution’s Line of Sure-Lites Provide Peace of Mind

October 23, 2020   |   2 Minute Read

Werner Electric Supply partners with Cooper Lighting Solutions to provide you with superior lighting products. Sure-Lites is a full LED product line containing nickel cadmium batteries. These products are market-leading – creating a lower total cost solution for emergency lighting.

With 25-60 feet of egress coverage, Sure-Lites Emergency Light allow for a large variety of applications. These lights can withstand temperatures ranging from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit – allowing for usage in a multitude of climates. Is your facility susceptible to wet weather or harsher conditions? Sure-Lites will work for you!

Believe it or not, you have likely seen Sure-Lites before. Most, if not all, commercial businesses provide some sort of emergency lighting that allow for ease of maneuvering by not only their employees, but the customers as well. Bright “headlights” are often purposefully located near entrances to provide a sense of safety for those entering and exiting the building. The white panels mounted above a door with EXIT in big, bold, red letters are there to guide you to an exit should an emergency occur. Should there be a fire at your facility, you want to make sure your people can easily find the nearest exit to safety.

Sure-Lites are everywhere, and they provide a great lighting solution for your safety requirements. What else can they do? Contact Werner’s Senior Product Manager, Jason Spang, to inquire about these Sure-Lites and see how they could increase the level of safety at your facility.

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