Wire Striping / SPEEDPULL

Custom Wire Striping

Werner Electric Supply now offers custom wire striping services to save you labor, time, and money on the job! Using our vast wire inventory, and in-house striping capabilities we can now customize your wire runs with eleven different colors and deliver right to your job site.


  • 18-10 awg
  • THHN
  • TFFN
  • XHHW
  • MTW 

72 hour turnaround on in-house custom striping 


 SPEEDPULL bundles and binds together different types of wire and cable into one compact, flexible, multi-conductor cable. This can include color-coded or numbered copper and electronic conductors. SPEEDPULL provides faster installations and easier identification with every run. Cost savings can increase by up to 30 percent!

  • Multiple-type, custom-bundled cables on a single spool 
  • One fast cable pull  
  • Easy installation with significant labor savings 
  • Simplifies material management and material waste on the job  
  • Quick turnaround  

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