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The Innovation Leader in Cell Phone and Public Safety Signal Booster Technology Dramatically Improves Reception at an Affordable Price   

Cell Phone Booster
Tired of those dropped calls and low download speeds? Quality cellular signal boosters can end your woes in your place of Business, Home or Mobile Vehicle right away. Powerful solutions instantly eliminate dead spots and choppy reception caused by distance from cellular towers, certain building materials or design structure. Designed for all kinds of indoor environments you can enjoy uninterrupted cellular voice and data quality anywhere you go with state of the art signal boosters.

Public Safety Booster
You depend on your in-building wireless communication system on a daily basis, but will a first responder have the same coverage during an emergency?
As building owners work more closely with local fire and police departments to minimize safety concerns, the limitations of in-building communications when a crisis occurs have come into focus.

The Solution “A common way to reinforce signal strength is to connect bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) to a distributed antenna system (DAS) with reinforcement antennas located in the problem coverage areas in the building. “BDAs often obtain their signals over the air from nearby base stations or donor sites through a small but highly directional antenna installed on the building’s roof. The incoming signal is amplified by the BDAs and fed by using coaxial cable to the DAS antennas inside the building.”

SureCall® specializes in the design and manufacture of cell phone and Public Safety signal boosters, amplifiers and accessories. Their flagship product lines of FCC-approved cell phone signal boosters enhance the range and reception of almost any cellular transmission, including voice and 4G data.

Important Information that you  need  to  know  before purchasing a Cellular Signal Booster


Federal Communications Commission ruling excerpt:

In this Report and Order, (effective March 1st, 2014) we adopt new technical, operational, and registration requirements for signal boosters. Our new rules create two classes of signal boosters – Consumer and Industrial – with distinct regulatory requirements outlined below.

Consumer Signal Boosters are designed to be used “out of the box” by individuals to improve their wireless coverage within a limited area such as a home, car, boat, or recreational vehicle. Consumer Signal Boosters will be authorized under provider licenses subject to certain requirements. Specifically, subscribers must obtain some form of licensee consent to operate the booster; register the booster with their provider; use a booster that meets the Network Protection Standard and is FCC certificated; and operate the booster on a secondary, non-interference basis and shut it down if it causes harmful interference.

Industrial Signal Boosters include a wide variety of devices that are designed for installation by licensees or qualified installers. These devices are typically designed to serve multiple users simultaneously and cover larger areas such as stadiums, airports, office buildings, hospitals, tunnels, and educational campuses. Industrial Signal Boosters require an FCC license or express licensee consent to operate, and must be appropriately labeled. This Report and Order also revises technical and operational requirements for duly-licensed Part 90 Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR), non-consumer signal boosters.

We establish a two-step transition process for equipment certification for both Consumer and Industrial Signal Boosters sold and marketed in the United States. First, on the release date of this Report and Order , we will no longer accept applications for equipment certification of Consumer or Industrial Signal Boosters that do not comply with our new rules and will cease certification of devices which do not comply with our new rules. Second, on or after March 1, 2014, all Consumer and Industrial Signal Boosters sold and marketed in the United States must meet our new requirements.

Highlights of Cellular and Public Safety Signal Boosters for your place of Business

  • Consumer & Industrial grade signal boosters - Werner Electric Supply is an Authorized Reseller with connections to Certified Installers when needed
  • Increase voice and data reception for offices, large buildings, vehicle fleets and M2M applications)
  • Configurable for all size offices (Large or small)
  • Designed for multiple users
  • Solutions for all major carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Sprint, Cellcom, and AT&T)

Are you ready to buy a booster for your Business?

Highlights of Cellular Signal Boosters for your Home and Mobile Vehicles

  • Increase voice and data reception in your Mobile Vehicles
  • Easy setup, installs within minutes (Consumer grade signal boosters)
  • Designed for multiple users
  • Solutions for all major carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Sprint, Cellcom, and AT&T)

Are you ready to buy a booster for your Home?
Are you ready to buy a booster for your Mobile Vehicle?

Buy a SureCall Booster Today!

Werner Electric Supply offers groundbreaking aftermarket solutions to improve your cellular signal reception and data download and upload speed, and can provide you affordably-priced Cellular Signal Booster for Business /Home & Mobile Vehicles.

Trust Werner to provide you with an affordable high-quality solution to unstable cellular and wireless technology.

Still not certain Cellular Signal Boosters are for you? Visit our FAQ page  or call Werner Electric Supply @ 866-4-WERNER for assistance