Safety And Compliance

Arc-Flash Hazards NFPA-70E & OSHA 1910

Learn what causes arc flash, reasons for performing an arc flash analysis, NFPA70E and OSHA regulations and standards, the steps and skills necessary to recognize electrical safety hazards,and information required for accurately performing an arc flash analysis.

Terms such as limited, restricted and prohibited approach boundary, qualified worker, flash protection boundary, arc blast, incident energy and arcing fault current will be introduced. Methods for determining incident energy, the arc flash boundary, and PPE will be discussed including hands-on examples. IEEE standards and selected information from various texts and standards including the NEC 2011, NFPA70E – 2015 and OSHA will be discussed.

What you will learn:

  • Electrical hazards (Arc Flash, Arc Blast, Shock)
  • Regulations and standards
  • 2015 NPFA70E changes
  • Steps required to perform an Arc Flash hazards analysis
  • Methods to reduce Arc Flash, Arc Blast, and Shock hazards
  • How to comply with NEC, NFPA70E, and OSHA requirements
  • How to select the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Care of Personal Protective Equipment
  • What tools to use when working on energized equipment
  • Maintenance of Overcurrent Protective Devices
  • Elements of an Energized Work Permit
  • Elements of an Electrical Safety Policy

All participants will receive a wallet certificate. NFPA70E manuals are available for $82.29/ea.
Cost: $1,750/class (max. 20 people)
Annual 2 hour refresher: $1,000/class (max. 20 people)
To set up a class or ask questions please contact our Safety Product Manager, Ben LeRoy, at 866-4-WERNER!