Process Solutions


Our value added solutions include using the Werner Electric Supply Process Trainer to help customers maneuver conceptual, technical, scope, and various project related steps for process control applications or when considering a DCS upgrade or new installation(s).

Our goal at Werner Electric Supply is to help you achieve a single, plant wide control system strategy. PlantPAx is scalable and in many cases incorporates a customer’s installed Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms into a plant wide architecture without the need to purchase additional Rockwell Automation software.

If you are:

  • Adding process based automatic controls
  • Considering the replacement of a vintage DCS approaching obsolescence

Let us help you:

  • Evaluate the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Modern DCS solution against other vendors
  • Detail existing benefits if you already utilize ControlLogix 1756 and/or CompactLogix 1769 PLCs

Process Solutions Industrial Market Segments
  • Automation
  • Chemical
  • Custody Transfer Automation Dairy
  • Dairy
  • Distilling
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Utilities
  • Water & Wastewater

Werner Electric Supply, working in concert with Rockwell Automation, Encompass Partners and Integrator Partnerships, possess the technical capabilities and expertise to guide our customers as they seek solutions to their process control questions and requirements.

Werner Electric staffs a registered State of Wisconsin P.E. - Control System Engineering, who is also a Certified Automation Professional (CAP), credentialed through the International Society of Automation (ISA).

Our experts can guide you in:

  • Selecting Process Control instrumentation (flow, level, temperature, pressure, speed, etc.)
  • Sharing steps for successful Process Control project related experiences and application knowledge
  • Instructing PID tuning software or conventional tuning methods training
  • Leading Process Control training courses
  • Maintaining a strong partnership with the International Society of Automation, the standards organizationfor everything Process Control.

Process Control Expertise

Rodney Howard

Rodney Howard, Process Product Manager at Werner Electric Supply, has a wealth of knowledge in Process Solutions engineering. His background includes project development and management expertise through all phases of a project. His mastery in Process Solutions includes hands-on training, programming, instrumentation, controls, DCS engineering, and electrical engineering. Rodney’s certifications include; registered Professional Control System Engineer with the State of Wisconsin, Certified Automation Professional (CAP), with the International Society of Automation (ISA), and Certified PROFIBUS Network Engineer, through PROFIBUS International, a Trade Organization for automating discrete and process manufacturing.

Contact Rodney:  or (920) 815-4298

Vision Statement

The Werner Electric Process Team is dedicated to providing advantageous value-add services, while expanding and enriching the process control experiences of our customers, vendors, and employees.

The Process Traineris a robust, value-add tool Werner Electric shall utilize to expand and enrich the process control training experience, while utilizing a best practice approach, for our customers, vendors, and employees.