Network Solutions


Whether you need a new network or want to optimize or expand your current network, Werner Electric Supply’s Network Solutions group can help you efficiently converge plant-floor and office network systems. The results will create an optimal communications network, through the exchange and collection of company data.

Werner Electric Supply has achieved Select Certification through the Cisco Channel Partners program and offers you experienced Cisco trained sales engineers and professional design services to maximize your company productivity.

Our goal is to have your plant, or office data center, meet or exceed required specifications, while decreasing production network downtime and eliminating downtime costs.

  • Re-structuring non-integrated plant floor networks causing inefficiencies
  • Recommending solutions for old, unreliable installation equipment
  • Addressing poorly installed networks causing significant plant downtime and security gaps
  • Securing plant floor and office networks from potential cyberattacks and breaches
  • Eliminating previously purchased, ineffectual, low cost cabling architecture applications
  • Providing options for validated designs that result in maximum network uptime

Our Network Solutions team can recommend proper hardware and create the best physical architecture for your company’s existing and future IT expansions, while maintaining the security demands of a corporate IT strategy.


Our Network Solutions members are highly trained partners with global leaders in network design. These partnerships include Rockwell Automation, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Panduit. Our goal is to offer you the most reliable, secure solution for your application.

Werner Electric Supply’s Network Solutions team partners with Rockwell Automation hardware, engineering services, and software applications, to converge information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) to better gather and analyze data. The data can then be utilized for better business decisions which increase productivity and problem-solving.

Through Rockwell Automation’s Connected Enterprise process, Rockwell evaluates an organization’s existing IT/OT infrastructure – including controls, networks, information solutions and security, and suggests infrastructure modifications to increase efficiency and profitability.

Once connected, the organization can share information across the plant floor to an enterprise network, creating a common production platform. This allows the company unprecedented access to data which can be analyzed for real-time diagnostic information. The partnership between Rockwell Automation and Werner Electric aims to help manufacturers bring their equipment and systems into the modern information-enabled world.

Werner Electric Supply is Cisco Select Certified through the Cisco Channel Partners program. Cisco Systems is a value-added reseller for Werner Electric’s Network Solutions Group. Through our partnerships we have access to assessment, design, and deployment engineers who provide the expertise to meet your business goals.

Werner Electric, with the aid of CISCO Systems, helps to connect your corporate network with an integrated architecture from the cloud to multiple end devices. Having one intelligent network infrastructure helps prioritize your IT management efforts, allows you to develop cost-effective strategies, and use network data for new business innovation. We can also help you lay the foundation for future network expansion plans.

Werner Electric’s Network Solution’s team is also proud to collaborate with Panduit by helping prepare your network architecture for today’s big data proliferation. All of Werner Electric Supply’s Network Solutions members have undergone Panduit training to become development and design certified.

Through Werner Electric Supply and Panduit collaboration, we can offer ideas for physical infrastructure solutions through manufacturing and IT alignment. Our common goal is to help you unify your physical infrastructure and seamlessly integrate that infrastructure throughout an entire company.

Network Solutions Team Partnerships

Werner Electric has taken great strides to become a leader in the Converged Plantwide Ethernet for all of our automation customers. Our Network Solutions team is able to provide consulting, design, and technical support for your company’s existing and future IT expansions.

Bruce Butler, CCNA - Industrial

Bruce Butler, Network Solutions Sales Engineer at Werner Electric Supply, has 31 years of experience in the industrial automation and electrical industry. Seven of those years were spent working directly for an industry leader of industrial Ethernet switches, cellular routers and IIOT solutions. Bruce’s past sales expertise contributes to the Werner Network Solutions team by educating customers of the need to plan, design, implement, and validate their networks due to the increase of Ethernet enabled devices for use on the plant floor and in office datacenters. Bruce holds a Cisco CCNA/I certification, Cisco Small Business Account Manager certification and has completed the Panduit PIN training program. He has degrees in Electrical and Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology from Michigan Technological University, a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Milwaukee School of Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Contact Bruce:  or (262) 436-6001

Tom Loeser

Tom Loeser, Network Solutions Sales Engineer at Werner Electric Supply, began his career with Werner Electric as a Datacom Product Manager with primary responsibilities in network design, automation control, wireless design, and communication. During Tom’s 5 years as Werner Electric’s Datacom Product Manager, Werner’s Datacom team more than doubled its sales, due to the addition of network cabling and connectivity and through strategic automation partners.

Tom’s Network Solutions industry education background includes Cisco/Stratix Network training, a variety of Rockwell Automation TECH ED networking training sessions, and ongoing IP Advantage IOT classes. He also has Panduit development and design certification, ABB & Foxboro Process Solutions and Instrumentation certification, and GE/MDS narrowband, broadband and wideband network training. Previous to joining Werner Electric, Tom held sales management and engineering positions for upwards of 20 years at Twin Cities Industrial Control Inc., Professional Control Corporation, and Honeywell IAC.

At Twin Cities Industrial Control, a technical industrial automation and wireless communications distributorship, Tom served customers in Wisconsin and Michigan through wireless cellular design and various automation and process applications.

At Professional Control Corporation, Tom was manager of the Systems Integration Division providing design, support, and installation of automation and networking solutions. During his 7 year career at Honeywell IAC, Tom was a Total Plant Sales Engineer for the Industrial Automation Controls Division supporting discrete, process control and automation systems, while providing total plant services and solutions for Honeywell products and services.

Tom started his industrial automation integration career right out of college as the sole proprietor of Loeser & Associates, an international business which served as a manufacturing representative for Fortune 50-100 companies.

Contact Tom: (262) 436-6030.

Justin Wildesen

Justin Wildesen, Werner Electric’s Network Solutions Design Manager, works with customers to provide consulting, design and technical support. Justin’s certifications include Cisco IMINS-1 and CCNA-1, and certification in Panduit’s Development and Design program. He also has AutoCAD Level 1 and 2 and AutoCAD Electrical 1 and 2 certifications.

Justin collaborates with client systems engineers and IT departments to analyze technical needs and current plant floor infrastructure to provide technical assistance to companies looking to save money and implement best practices. Justin’s past work experience includes Datacom Specialist for Werner Electric and Technical Sales Application Engineer for the Industrial automation and wireless communication industries for more than 10 years.

Contact Justin: or (262) 436-6009

Dane MacDonald

As a Product Manager for Werner Electric’s Network Solutions team, Dane MacDonald has specialized training and certification in Panduit Industrial networks. Previously, Dane was employed by Rockwell Automation as a CRM-M2Q Test Coordinator. He joined Werner Electric Supply as an IT Solutions Product Manager. Dane graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. Dane’s certifications include Cisco IMINS-1, and certification in Panduit’s Development and Design program. He also has AutoCAD Level 1 and 2 and AutoCAD Electrical 1 and 2 certifications.

Contact Dane: or (920) 815-4190

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